Metformin is a complicated drug that works in many different places in the body. 

In the liver, Metformin prevents the production of sugar. This allows the body to focus on the sugar already in your blood, rather than making more.

In the intestines, Metformin prevents the absorption of sugar. This prevents the body from taking on more sugar than it can handle, even if you eat a really sweet snack.

In the blood, Metformin allows your cells to take sugar out of your blood more easily.

All of these things combined make Metformin a very effective drug in reducing sugar in the bloodstream.

Metformin is usually taken twice per day; one tablet with breakfast and one tablet with dinner. Taking Metformin with your meals allows you to get the most out of it. If you take it at other times, you risk pushing your blood sugar down too low. Remember, always take your medication as directed by your doctor. There are several situations that may not require twice daily dosing, such as if you are taking the extended release form of Metformin. 

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