Diabetics suffer from a lack of insulin, or from a lack of sensitivity to insulin. Without normal insulin function, diabetics must take insulin from outside their body in order to properly process the food they eat.

Insulin can be a very confusing medication. There are many different forms of insulin, each form can have various types, and each type can have various brands. One standard feature between all of the most common insulins is that they are all injected. This means that your insulin prescription should always include needles; whether you get insulin vials or insulin pens, your prescription will be useless without needles.

Needles are nothing to fear in the modern day. They have been engineered and designed to be as thin and as small as possible, reducing irritation to a minimum. Most patients prefer to inject themselves in the stomach, an inch or two on either side of the belly button. Other common injection sites include the outer thigh, the outer, upper arm, and the buttocks. Regardless of where you prefer to inject your insulin, it is important to rotate between a few different sites to avoid irritation. Always use a new needle for every injection, and dispose of your needle in the proper container.

Watch the two video below to see first hand how to give insulin injections with a syringe and vial or with a insulin pen and pen needles.

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