Module 3

Diet is one of the most important things for health for anyone, but especially for a diabetic. Your diabetes is directly linked to your diet. Any meal you have will be transformed by your body into glucose at some point, and this glucose will stimulate your insulin. As we already know, diabetics struggle with their insulin, and overstimulating it with a poor diet will only make things worse.

In order to reduce the stress your diet places on your body, it is essential to consider things such as portion control and the glycemic index. It will also be important to understand things such as the body mass index and the role weight management plays in diabetes. Over the course of this module, we will look at all of these things, and we will even go over tons of foods you can incorporate into you diet right away! 

The changes to your diet may seem large at first, but start small with quick and easy substitutions throughout the day. You'll likely find that you have more energy, you feel more full, and you feel better overall as you change your diet. If you were overweight, you may lose a few pounds; you'll look better and feel better the more changes you make. Soon, you'll be more excited about healthy eating than you ever thought you could be!

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