Exercise is an essential part of a diabetic lifestyle. Even if you follow a strict diet, without exercise you’ll be missing out on a ton of health benefits. Exercise relies on your muscles, and as you work your muscles they use up some sugar in your bloodstream. Even after you finish exercising, your body continues to use the sugar in your bloodstream, sometimes for up to 24 hours. If you exercise consistently, your blood sugar is less likely to get out of control. Exercise also raises your insulin sensitivity which will make your body better at using the insulin it makes. This means that your body will pull more sugar from your bloodstream, and your blood sugar will be lower overall. 

Exercise may seem intimidating at first, but with so many different options there is      bound to be something that fits your lifestyle. In fact, after getting into a routine, many people find that exercise is the most enjoyable part of their day. The rival of exercise is remaining stationary. There's nothing wrong with sitting, laying, or relaxing, but it must be balanced out with your exercise. In this module, we will talk about the different kinds of exercise and how to incorporate them all into a routine.

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