Your Complete Exercise Regimen

Your exercise routine should be well-rounded and diverse. You will want to increase your general physical activity, and schedule time each day for aerobic or resistance training. You don’t need to do both aerobic and resistance training each day, but you should do one type each day. Don’t let more than 2 days go by between exercise sessions. Your sessions should total 150 minutes per week; that’s 30 minutes per day if you exercise on the weekdays and take the weekends off.



Any time you start a new exercise routine, whether aerobic or resistance exercise, it’s important to understand your limits. Pushing yourself too hard too fast may result in an injury which can set your progress back weeks or months. Joint injuries are common with aerobic exercise, so remember to walk before you run. If you are having trouble with walking, a low impact option like swimming may be the best for you. As you get stronger and lose weight, you will find that you can do more and more. When performing resistance exercise, remember to start with low weights and focus on perfecting the movement. Only once you’ve perfected the movement should you attempt to raise your weight.

Always speak with your doctor before beginning an exercise regime, especially if you are diagnosed with diabetes. If you are injecting insulin throughout the day, you may need to schedule your exercise around your injections. Even if you’re not, your doctor may recommend scheduling your exercise around your meals. Your doctor will work with you to create a complete diet and exercise plan that you can use to achieve all of your diabetes goals

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