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World Medical Relief  moved to its new headquarters three years ago in August. It is a beautiful building and if you have not seen it yet, we are inviting you to come for a visit.

Unexpectedly—after all the building was inspected upon purchase—the roof started leaking severely this winter. The water is coming down primarily in the Eastern wing and the middle of the building, but the leaks are especially bad right over the administrative and local program section of the building. 


After nighttime rainfall, World Medical Relief staff does not know what they are going to find when coming to work. Ceiling tiles are bulging downwards heavy from the soaked up water, an office door might not open because there is a heap of collapsed ceiling tiles behind it and standing water on the floor may cause slip hazards. Volunteers have trouble keeping their supplies dry and in certain areas have to move their packing operations off the ground on tables to avoid getting the boxes wet.


Over time some patch measures were taken and in the copier room plastic chutes were attached to the underbelly of the roof to guide the water straight into buckets on the ground.


It is clear though that the roof needs to be repaired before the coming winter to prevent further damage to the building.


Roofing companies were asked for quotes and grant proposals were written and submitted but as of yet, none were granted. Since the building essentially needs a new roof, costs are estimated over $100,000. 


World Medical Relief is asking for your help with this crucial repair. 


Watch the Detroit Fox 2 story about the roof problems here:


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