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Please help World Medical Relief save lives!

Donate to the Blanket Relief

Program for Metro Detroit

Please help World Medical Relief save lives! Watch WXYZ story about the blanket relief here


It’s snowing, it’s freezing, and you have nowhere to go. Can you imagine sleeping in an abandoned building with perhaps only a coat wrapped around you?


A catastrophic event like a car breaking down, job loss, accident, illness, can bring on the terrifying state of homelessness, especially when ones income is too low to build up a cushion for unexpected events.


In Metro Detroit, the situation is especially dire. Young single mothers with young children, average age 6, make up 43% of the homeless.


Save lives by supporting World Medical Relief with the blanket relief, the distribution of new twin size blankets and crib blankets for the little ones to the area homeless shelters, churches and human service agencies. We happily accept donations of new blankets and when you choose to donate money instead – it will go far as we buy in bulk. A twin-size blanket can be bought for as little as $7 (and a crib blanket for only $5).


For you and me, the Michigan winter’s cold is just an inconvenience. For the poor and homeless it is a matter of life and death. Freezing temperatures can result in hypothermia and necrotic limbs, possibly leading to infection, paralysis and, in some cases, death.


We hope to donate as many as 10,000 blankets (or more) and fill the need for blankets in the community.


We hope that the warmth generated by a blanket will be more than matched by the warmth you feel from giving. Thank you for your support!