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World Medical Relief collects and distributes surplus medical equipment, dental equipment, medical supplies, laboratory instruments, and medicines to other nations in need. These good quality medical items are donated to World Medical Relief and intended to aid the less fortunate, sick, and poor around the world. The handling fee is used to help support the local operations.


Sponsoring organizations such as churches, service groups, and medical missionaries may apply for assistance through an application process. Supplies and equipment are either shipped via forty-foot containers or hand-carried by medical missionaries. World Medical Relief charges a flat-rate handling fee for container shipments. In addition to the handling fee, there could also be other surcharges and taxes that may be imposed by the recipient country, which are beyond our control. All shipments must be received by licensed medical facilities or personnel at their point of destination.

International Programs

International Programs

The handling fee is $10,500 USD for all 40 foot containers. The fair market value of the medical equipment and medical supplies in the containers is worth several hundred thousand dollars. The shipping fee is determined based on where the container is getting shipped.


Please complete Application A for a container shipment. This form also includes a list of commonly available items.

Please complete Application B for a medical mission. 

Please make sure to complete all appropriate forms and submit them to


International Program


Application A

Container Shipment

Application B

Mission Supplies

Ambulance Program

Ambulance Application

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