Affordable Prescription Program


Established in 1966 with the help of United Way, the Affordable Prescriptions Program provides prescription medicines to low-income people ages 18 and older living in Michigan. The program is for people who do not have prescription insurance and do not qualify for government assistance programs (i.e. Medicaid).  If you make less than $36,200 per year (single) or $41,400 per year (couples) and have no prescription insurance coverage, you may be eligible for our Affordable Prescription Program. If approved, you can receive your medications for $8.30 per prescription and may have your medications mailed to your home 

Medical Supply Program

World Medical Relief provides a variety of basic medical supplies.  These include dressings, kerlix bandages, ostomy supplies, liquid nutritional supplement, liquid nutrition, and other related items. Individuals need a referral from a social service agency or a prescription from a licensed health care professional. WMR provides hygiene kits, blankets, and other items to Detroit area homeless shelters and other community care centers. World Medical Relief invites schools, churches, retirement communities, and individual supporters to participate in this local relief effort in early fall. Blanket collections take place in September and October. Monetary donations for this program are accepted year round.


Durable Medical Equipment Program

Through the DME program, clients’ can obtain canes, walkers, hospital beds, over-the-bed tables, commodes, tub benches, and similar items. Clients need a doctor’s prescription or a social service agency referral to receive durable medical equipment. 

Local Shipping Program

Individuals can obtain incontinent supplies (adult briefs and bed pads) at discounted prices.


World Medical Relief collects and distributes recycled medical and dental equipment, medical supplies, laboratory instruments and medicines to developing nations. Sponsoring organizations such as churches, service groups and medical missionaries may apply for assistance through an application process.  Supplies and equipment are either shipped via forty-foot containers or hand-carried by medical missionaries. Even though the content of the container, worth several hundred thousand dollars, is donated, there are handling and shipping charges, notwithstanding other surcharges and taxes that may be imposed by the recipient country, which surcharges are beyond our control. All shipments must be received by licensed medical facilities or personnel at their point of destination.



In 2016, 61 forty-foot containers were sent to several countries including: Haiti, Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, Philippines, Angola, Guatemala, Bahamas, Iraq, Mongolia, Nigeria, Ghana, Korea, Kurdistan and Mexico, with several countries requesting more than one container. 13 medical teams were also equipped for their missions with medicines, instruments and supplies.


The value of items included in these shipments was $ 26,156,866.  The weight of the shipments was just under 3/4 million pounds.  It is to be noted that these items are donated to World Medical Relief and would more than likely end up in landfill had they not come to us.


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