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We accept various types of prescription drugs for use in our local and international programs. Due to health regulations, please follow the guidelines below to donate medical supplies. If you have any questions regarding prescription donations, please call us at (313) 866-5333 or email



  • We accept prescription medicines that are not expired.

  • Bottles must be sealed (if you take the cap off the bottle from the manufacturer, there will be a seal across the top that you have to open in order to get to the medication), or the pills in blister packs that you 'push out' and inhalers must be in their foil/plastic packaging. Partial bottles from your pharmacy are not acceptable.

  • We accept good-dated (not expired) drug samples from physicians.

  • We do not accept medicine that is expired.

  • We do not accept narcotics.

World Medical Relief DOES NOT accept narcotics. 

Click the link below to find out more about proper drug disposal and drug take back map.

or click here




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