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Module 6
Stress and Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be stressful, especially managing your diabetes. You may experience stress which is not just a feeling, but also something that can affect your body physically. Stress can: 

  • Increase blood sugar 

  • Increase blood pressure 

  • Suppress the immune system 


*FACT: Keeping stress under control will be an integral part of managing your diabetes.*

Lifestyle changes are necessary. Setting small goals and taking the small steps needed to achieve these goals will make it easier!  


If you find yourself losing motivation to makes these changes, make a list of why the changes are important. Here are a few examples:  


  • To improve your health 

  • To be able to do your hobbies 

  • To be able to spend more time with loved ones 

In addition to stress impacting you physically, it can also impact you mentally. By contacting your doctor, they may be able to refer you to a specialist who can work with you through the problems you are having; your doctor may also recommend certain medications. 


You may also benefit from a local Diabetes support group. Here are some in the metro Detroit area: 


  • Mt. Clemens – Mercy Mount Clemens Corporation, (586)-466-9300 

  • Dearborn – Oakwood Healthcare System NOW Beaumont Hospital, (313)-593-7000 

  • Detroit – Center for Preventative Medicine, (313)-885-2334

  • Ann Arbor -  University of Michigan Health System Adult Diabetes Support Groups, 734-998-2475

  • Livonia - St. Mary Mercy Hospital Adult Diabetes Support Groups, 734-655-8947,

You can start reducing stress today by contacting your doctor for additional assistance, and by doing some simple easy things like:  

  • Breathing exercises 

  • Meditation 

  • Light exercise like walking 


Thank you for participating in the education portion of Pathways to Better Health. We hope you found these education modules useful and will take advantage of the information provided.  


Your health is important to us. We are here to encourage and support you so please do not hesitate to call or you can view the education modules online at, click on the Get Help tab, and then click Diabetes.   


We look forward to hearing about your successes! If you'd like to share your story or want to know more information about the program, please call or email. 

Amber Jia

(313) 866-5333 Ext: 238 

Diabetes Program Coordinator
World Medical Relief

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