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Make a Lifesaving Monthly Gift today - Join the Global Humanitarian Club!

Delivering lasting change by improving health care for women, children, men, and poor communities doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work every day of the year.


By making an affordable automatic tax-deductible gift each month, you can help World Medical Relief save lives and help to provide better health care to families around the world.  Not only will your monthly donation transform lives, it will also make on-going support of World Medical Relief’s work so much simpler. Become a sustaining donor and join World Medical Relief’s Global Humanitarian Club now!

How to become a sustaining donor?

Choose from two easy options to set up your monthly contribution:

  1. With your credit card information through (make sure to click the “monthly” button) or

  2. With your checking account. Click here to download the form.


Benefits to you:

  1. Convenient and environmentally friendly way of giving.

  2. Upon your first monthly donation, you will receive a personalized thank you letter for becoming a sustaining donor.

  3. Monthly donors automatically become a member of World Medical Relief’s Global Humanitarian Club with special access to information and events.

  4. Monthly donors will be recognized in annual reports.

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